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Our Community

At Pine River, we strongly believe in the importance of community involvement and giving back to the place that we call home. As a result, we are proud supporters of local charities and causes that strive to make a difference.

Donations to local Food Pantries

We recognize the importance of food pantries in the communities they serve, and we take great pride in contributing to their ongoing efforts. Throughout the year, we donate our award-winning cheese spreads to these organizations. In the past year, we were able to donate over 13 pallets of our products, which we hope helped make a difference in the lives of those who received them. 


Pine River is pleased to participate in WisDOT's Adopt-A-Highway program, which helps to reduce litter and improve the environment surrounding us throughout the year. We firmly believe in this program because of our dedication to environmental preservation. Not only has it been a great team-building exercise, but it has also provided an opportunity for our team members to involve their families. 

Annual Holiday Donation

At Pine River, we make it a tradition to select a new non-profit organization each year to donate to. Our dedicated team members contribute items, and once we have everything gathered, we deliver them to the organization. The kindness and generosity of our team never cease to amaze us, and we are proud to help those in need. 

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