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  • Do you have a retail store in our area that sells your cold pack?
    Our cold pack may be found by using our store locator.
  • The label says keep refrigerated, does that mean refrigerate after you open it?
    Our cold pack spreads must be stored in refrigeration, before and after opening. We recommend enjoying at room temperature for best flavor and texture. Our shelf stable snack spreads can remain at room temperature until they are opened. After opening, the shelf stable snack spreads should be stored in refrigeration.
  • What is the difference between cold pack and snack spread?
    Cold pack is made by blending cuts of grade A Wisconsin state brand natural cheddar with cream and other dairy ingredients. These components are processed until a smooth texture is achieved. Herbs, spices or nuts are added to create our awarding winning flavors. Cold pack cheese food signifies that the product is made without the aid of heat. It remains as similar as possible to natural cuts of cheese but with the advantages of being in a convenient spreadable form. It's a good source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus too. Cold pack must be kept refrigerated at all times, before and after opening. Shelf stable snack spread is made by blending cuts of grade A Wisconsin state brand natural cheddar and other choice ingredients. In processing, it's heated to ensure it's safe to consume at room temperature. This pasteurization process makes it less sensitive to temperature changes in shipping and storage. It's perfect for gift baskets and boxes in situations when constant refrigeration isn't possible. Snack spread contains more moisture but less fat and calories than cold pack. This gives it a softer consistency so it can be served as a spread, dip or warmed to create a sauce.
  • How do you read the lot numbers? What is the expiration date?
    Example Code: BEST BY 02 04 25 240105 0028 01 04:41 The top line reads “BEST BY” and is followed by a date in MM DD YY format. The bottom line starts with the 6 digit lot number that corresponds to the year, month and day of the month. 1st & 2nd digit = the last two digits of the year 3rd, & 4th digits = the month of the year 5th & 6th = day of the month 24= The year 2024 01= January 05 = The 5th day of the month The next 4 digit number represents the cup number for the batch (28nd cup of batch) The last 2 digit number represents the batch number for that specific day (01 = batch 01) 04:41 represent the time of the day the cup was produced formatted in military time
  • Are Pine River's products kosher?
  • Do Pine Rivers cheese spreads contain gluten?
    For all flavors except for our Spicy Beer flavor: No ingredient contains gluten, but we cannot guarantee absence of gluten. Our Spicy Beer Cold Pack is made with real beer which contains gluten.
  • What is the source of the rennet in Pine River's cheese spreads?
    Our cheese products are manufactured using microbial (non-animal sourced) enzymes. Please note, Aged Asiago Cheese Spread does include "animal-sourced rennet".
  • Can Pine River's Cold Pack be frozen?
    Yes. If frozen for long periods of time (>6 weeks), the texture may change slightly once thawed and served.
  • Can Pine River's Snack Spread be frozen?
    No, we don’t recommend it.
  • Is Pine River's sausage gluten free?
  • Can Pine River's sausage be frozen?
    Yes, sausage is ok to freeze, but not recommeded as it will change the texture of the product.
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