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Mix Room Member


Pine River is seeking an enthusiastic, driven, production employee to join our team. As a member of the
Production Team, this position is responsible for the mixing of Pine River’s award-winning cheese spreads.

Job Duties

  • Maintain a clean work environment and follow proper cGMPs (sanitary practices)

  • Be accountable for quality and regulatory compliance by:

    • Adhering to the product’s formula

    • Documenting lot changes for raw ingredients

    • Correctly using and understanding equipment including: pH analyzer, moisture analyzer,
      mixers, and scales

    • All food safety, quality, and regulatory issues are brought up to management

  • Understand and follow Pine River’s Allergen, CCP, Sanitation, and Quality Control standards

  • Weigh ingredients to batch formula and operate mixer to blend properly per procedures.

  • Ability to routinely lift Blocks of cheese 43 lbs. and Whey powder bag 50/55 lbs.

    • 5-6 times per hour for 7-10 hours per day

  • Complete daily Pre-Op inspections, follow Master Sanitation Schedules and document completion
    of each task as finished.

  • Machine disassembly, wet/manual cleaning, and reassembly / set up for next day.

    • 2-3 hrs. per day at the end of shift

  • Operate production equipment in a safe manner by following safety guidelines (LO/TO)

  • Ability to be standing/on your feet for 10-12 hours a day

  • Flexibility in scheduling depending on production needs (end-time variation)

  • Participate in new hire training, HACCP, OSHA, Quality, and annual food safety training

  • Work in a team environment to ensure food and human safety standards are met at all times

  • Job Rotation into the warehouse (cooler) setup position for mix room ingredients. Opening cheese, stacking cheese blocks, whey powder, etc… on to pallets for upcoming production days.



  • A high school diploma or equivalence desired

  • Punctual

  • Detail oriented

  • Remains calm, has a positive attitude, treats others with respect, communicates appropriately

  • Food or cheese manufacturing, sanitation, and machine operation are highly desired


Successful completion of a pre-employment/post-offer physical test is required for this position.


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