Choose from a vast array of luscious chocolates, salty snacks, and sweet treats, packaged in decorative gold foil bags to seal in freshness. From home style turtles and caramels to gummy bears or cashews, Pine River has something for you!

Pine River began crafting chocolates in 1986 in response to a strong demand for the chocolate almond bark featured in our school fund-raising brochures.  We steadily expanded our repertoire with traditional combinations of milk chocolate, truffle fillings, pretzels, cookies, and caramel with nuts. Our caramel is made from scratch using Wisconsin cream and real vanilla extract. Each candy is enrobed with molten chocolate kept at the perfect temperature. This artful tempering gives the candy a lustrous finish and velvety texture. We even recreated our mother’s homemade holiday “turtles” with milk chocolate, caramel and pecans. They became our best-selling and award-winning Pecan Jamborees®.